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New Doll Patterns

Four new doll patterns have been added to the pattern page.

Click on the “Patterns” page in the menu on the left to view the patterns.

I hope you find something that inspires you to start a new project!


                                  Ellie                                        Camille and Cody


                          Emery                                                       Laney

Pumpkin Harvest

Ida welcomes Fall with her Pumpkin Harvest.

Ida stands 7″ tall with a wheelbarrow made just for her.

I love the Fall! The days are beautiful as everything begins to change around you. I rely on my memories of a time when I lived in the northeast. The New England States experience a wonderful transformation of color. I currently live in the dessert where there are two seasons- very hot and not too hot! I miss the crisp days and the explosion of color!


Quilt Sale

Quilt Sale! Take as many as you can carry!

Ellie is up to her nose in quilts!

Ellie is a tiny 9″ tall with red wool hair and painted toes and fingernails.



Sweet and tiny, Amelia is just 7″ tall. The ruler in the photo helps put the scale of Amelia into perspective. A tiny quilt is tucked into her wagon to make a comfortable ride for her dollies. The wooden wagon was made just for Amelia. Combining my sewing and woodworking skills bring the project to life and tell Amelia’s story.



Free Puppies!

I enjoyed creating these teeny tiny characters, Kyle and Max. Kyle stands at 7″ tall on a 4″ by 6″ oval wood base. The puppies are 3″ tall with tiny silver dog bone charms around their necks. I am a wood carver and I haven’t had the time to work on any wood projects lately so making the wagon was the best part for me. The challenge was creating a wagon with wheels that turned and a handle that moves side to side and up and down.


More Tiny Rag Dolls

Introducing three new members to the Tiny Rag Doll Collection. Laney, a 10″ rag doll angel, is made to have her legs outstretched in the sitting position. The pattern sample is made with cream and off white batik fabrics. A marbled fabric is used for the body to give an “aged” look to the doll. You can easily change the color pallet to anything you’d like.

Camille and Cody are adorable in their cowboy hats and boots. The cowboy hats are readily available at craft stores. The stick horse is included in the pattern and adds to their charm.


                      angel Laney

                    Camille & Cody and their Stick horse

Fabric Pen

If you sew, this is a must have in your tool basket. I have tried many fabric pens and markers. If you are familiar with my patterns then you know I use the trace-sew-cut technique very often. I prefer mechanical pencils with fine lead because they produce a fine line that is easy to sew on. When you are working on dark fabrics a pencil line is difficult to see. Fons & Porter has a mechanical pencil with 0.9mm white pencil lead that is very visible on dark fabrics. It creates that fine line that I love so much and can be removed easily with the eraser or a damp cloth. You have to try this pencil!

Tiny Rag Doll Class

I will be teaching a class at Fiddlesticks on Friday April 27th from 10 to 4.

The project will be Nelly and Nyles from the Tiny Rag Doll Collection.

This project is enjoyable for all skill levels.

To sign up, stop by the shop at

1229 Arizona Street, Boulder City, Nevada

or call the shop at 702-293-2979.

  Nelly and Nyles

Tiny Rag Dolls

I have designed a line of small scale dolls made in the rag doll style

and I would like to introduce them to you.

Please meet the first new pattern releases from

the Tiny Rag Doll Collection.


Nelly & Nyles                                   Little Emma



The Tiny Rag Dolls range from  9″ to 10″ tall.

They are so much fun to make! The fabric required is minimal so

if you have a fabric stash you can search there first.

There are many more Tiny Rag Dolls in the collection

and I will release more patterns as soon as I can.

Check out the details on the pattern pages.

Needle Felting

Those who know me know that I love to go fishing.

I don’t fish in the winter but I do daydream about it.

The title of this piece is “Goin’ Fishing”.

The rainbow trout is 19″ long. It was needle felted with a size 42 felting needle.

The worm has crawled up the line and is looking at the frog

as if to say “Hey! I thought we were friends!?!

This unlikely trio sits on a shelf over my work area

and they make me smile every time I look up.