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What kind of paints do you use for the face?  Thanks, Cindy

I refer to it as “painting the face”, but I’m not using paints. I use artist quality watercolor pencils. Use a paintbrush and water to wet the fabric. The features are then colored in with the watercolor pencils. Once the color is on the damp fabric you can blend it with a paintbrush. Keep the fabric just damp not “drippy wet” while you work. You can shade the face and layer the colors. It’s a lot of fun to do. When I’m done I use a hairdryer to heat set the colors.

To shade the face, rub the side of the pencil on damp fabric and then blend with a paintbrush.

You can use the tip of the pencil for the lips, eyes, and to outline, but always use the side of the pencil when adding color to shade the face.

Keep the fabric damp, not wet, while working.

The face always looks a little awkward until it’s complete.


A question that always comes up is “How can I stuff my nose firmly?”. When you put stuffing in the nose it just seems to keep falling out and won’t stay put. Stuff the nose and then put a straight pin through the nose to hold the stuffing in place. Once you get stuffing in the rest of the head it will not allow the stuffing to fall back into the head. Then the tip of your nose will be stuffed firmly. Just be careful not to stick yourself with the straight pins as you are stuffing the head.