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Road Trip!

I had so much stuff to bring to the taping of Creative Living that I decided to drive. I enjoy long car trips especially to places I’ve never been. We live in such a beautiful country and there is so much to see. If you fly, you miss all the landscapes along the way. This was my first trip to New Mexico and it was lovely. My sister and I had so much much fun driving, talking, eating, shopping, and soaking up the scenery.

My sister and I are both so busy that we don’t get to just hang out together like we did when we were younger. Exploring the towns along the way home was so enjoyable. We walked the streets and went into all the little shops.

We were walking past the Sister Blandina Convent in Albuquerque and we came upon a man sitting out front. He was painting the building which is attached to the historic San Felipe de Neri Church. The convent was built on the west side of the church in 1881. The convent was occupied by the Sisters of Charity until the late 1970’s. We didn’t want to intrude on his work so we just watched quietly as he painted.

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