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Shoelace Yarn for Rag Dolls

In my book Make Cloth Dolls chapter 5 is the pattern for rag doll Emily Ann.

Many of you have inquired about the rag doll Patty Ann (photo on page 91)

and rag doll Charley Ann (photo on page 95)

asking about the material that was used to create their hair.

Their hair is made from Shoelace Yarn from YLI.

It is about 1/2″ wide and looks just like shoelaces. It comes in solid colors, wave pattern,

hound’s tooth pattern, and tri-color pattern. Some rag dolls have hair made with cotton

fabric that is ripped into strips and sewed to the head. The Shoelace yarn gives the doll

that same look and is a great alternative to the usual red yarn that is often used.

You can see the shoelace yarn at

Solid colors shown – red, burgundy, and dark red. Visit to view more color choices.

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