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What Sparks Your Creativity?

Do all creative minds think alike? What sparks your creativity? I’m often asked where I get my ideas from. Sometimes a piece of fabric will inspire an entire project. Many times ideas seem to come from very odd places. The inspiration for a new design often comes from something that is not related to doll making at all. I saw this vine growing on a wall. It stopped me in my tracks and I found myself staring at it. The colors are soft and the vine seems to be gently embracing the wall. As I stood there I found my mind starting to wander off in different directions. I began to see a new project in my head and as I worked out the details, the idea started to come together. As I went through the rest of my day, I was constructing the project in my head. I decide what materials to use and keep changing them until it feels right. Designing in my head often keeps me up at night. Sometimes it’s hard for me to shut off my brain so I can sleep. Once I have a detailed plan I can see the project very clearly in my mind and then I will begin to make the new pattern. I’m sorry I can’t show you the project that was inspired by this vine on the wall- not just yet- but I will. Sometimes this process happens very quickly. A new idea could  be worked out in a few days. One idea rolled around in my head for two years before it came out. There were many times I tried to let it go but it wouldn’t leave. When the idea finally came to fruition I was more than pleased with the result, and yes, it was worth the wait. That project will appear in my next book.

So tell me, what sparks your creativity?

What inspires you?   I’d love to hear from you.

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